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a metal head,or headbangeris a person who listens to and loves heavy metal. Not just because its cool, its our way of life. we can be found anywhere from local undergroud shows to world wide metal festavles like wacken. Most metal heads have long hair or shaved heads,wear black band tee's and jeans/cargo pants,but just because you dont dress that way doesnt mean your not metal.most metal heads dispize slipknot and hate scenekids and love circlepits.alot of metal heads are quite and might seem scary,but if you get to know them they are way nicer then they look,that is unless you insult a band or musician infront of them.(you dont want to get on there bad side).
"hey look at that badass metal head beating the shit out of that scene kid in the pit."
by jake brooks February 23, 2008
slipknot is a band that is not metal and fucking sucks. they have way too much people in the band. THEY ARE NOT THRASH. true thrash is slayer, old metallica and testament. not this gothic wannabe bullshit.
slayer would rape slipknot anyday
by jake brooks February 23, 2008
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