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3 definitions by jaime kramer

annoying is when someone TyPs LyK OmFgGGG ThiSS BeCauSe TheY TiNK It Lyk OmGGzzZZz Looks LyK ToTallY LyK AwsoMe

another annoying thing is when people base their lilking of a band based on whether mtv says its the "in" thing at the moment

another annoying thing is when someone is OBSESSED with themselves so much that they feel the need to ask every day arent i like sooo sexxi? (spelling sexxi that way even though its actually more letter then sexy is also annoying as is spelling hot hott or anything else like that)

i know a lot of annoying people
by jaime kramer December 30, 2005
1295 249
starbucks is heaven in a cup
Today i went and got me some heaven in a cup, also known as starbucks.
by jaime kramer April 02, 2006
201 106
an annoying way to say bye.
ME: shut the fuck up.
by jaime kramer April 08, 2006
45 30