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A term that was originally used to describe what happens when you buy a computer from Cyberpower inc, but has now broadened to mean 'any piece of computer hardware that breaks soon after you recieve it.'
"Did you get that new hard drive yet?"
"Yeah, but when I put it in, it didn't work"
"Ouch, you totally got Cyberpowerfucked on that one"
by Jaered November 22, 2005
The term helicopter mother comes from mothers of (usually) college students who 'hover' over their children at all times of the day. Here are some sign of you having a helicopter mother.

1. Your mother calls you once a day, or more than once a day.
2. Your mother calls you and reminds you about tests, homework, obligations, meetings, etc., because you cannot handle it yourself, you little child you.
3. Your mother registers your classes for you.
4. Your mother attempts to do your homework...and by doing your homework, I don't mean revising a paper, but more like wrestling your chemistry homework from your willing hands and hiring somebody at home to do it for her then sending it back to you before it's due...because she knows when it's due.
5. Your mother sneaks into your school, does your laundry, then sneaks out.
6. You have a GPS chip somewhere underneith your skin, so she knows where you are at all times, and even if you don't, she still knows where you are at all times because of all the phone calls.
7. You don't know how to clean your room, because your mother does it for you.
7. You PROBABLY don't have a (private) social life, although this one is optional.
"oh, mommy-wommy is calling again!"
"That's the third time this hour"
"Well, my mommy loves me and yours doesn't."
"Because my mom doesn't spoil me and do my laundry and call me twelve times a day? touche, touche...goddamn helicopter mother"
by jaered April 03, 2006
In reference to banana Asians who were adopted by white parents at some point, although usually at an early stage of their life, in order to gain the traits of a banana. The "traitor" part comes in because this is how many asians feel against these adopted asians who have banana tendancies.
"What do you think about that Asian girl over there?"
"Her? Nah, she's a banana traitor, my parents would never approve"
by Jaered January 27, 2006
A racial term referring to somebody who is white on the outside, but black on the inside. Sometimes also known as a wigger. Could also be compared to a banana/banana traitor.
"What's eminem doing trying to make rap?"
"Ah, don't pay attention to that white boy, he's such an oops oreo"
by Jaered March 09, 2006

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