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A 15 year old male singer who sounds like he has not yet hit puberty. His voice sounds like a young girl's. Some of his most well known songs are One Time, One Less Lonely Girl, Favorite Girl, basically all about girls or love, however the songs sound more proper for possibly, a more mature male singer or rapper. Also, in his song one time, he happens to repeat one time many more times than once. Just to sum this definition up, he's a 15 year old boy who sounds like he has not yet hit puberty and sings love songs to impress girls.
"I'mma tell you one time (that i love, that i love you) I'mma tell you one time (that i love, that i love you)"
Figure 1: Dude, I hate that song by Justin Bieber. Shut off the radio.
Figure 2: No way, this 15 year old prepubescent boy is soo dreamy.
Figure 1: are you gay?
by jadex13 November 27, 2009
to be drunk, high, and to then have sex with 20 other people of the opposite sex as you at the same time. often after having potcheen. You would think it's a very memorable experience, but very often one blanks out and forgets that it ever happened.
Guy: that was a great 21 some last night.
Girl: what 21 some?
Guy: the one where you were drunk and high and sucking on my dick!
by jadex13 November 27, 2009
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