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a hanger at wright-patterson air force base that held evidence to the roswell new mexico u.f.o. crash.
welcome to a fortress tall take some time to show you around imposible to break these walls for you see the steel is much to strong computer banks to rule the world insturments to sight the stars, possibly ive seen to much hangar 18 i know to much
by jacob tweedy April 15, 2008
a bouncer at a gay bar
gay guy 1:hey did you guys get into that new club the toolbox last night gay guy 2:no silly buns the flamethrower would not let us in
by jacob tweedy December 08, 2008
what you would refer to MEGADETH front man dave mustaine if he were a surfer
hey dude check out big wave dave surfing on his v guitar
by jacob tweedy March 25, 2008
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