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1) Having the quality of being badass enough to elicit a “what the fuck” response. The "what the fuck" is shortend to a simple and emphatic "the fuck" which is then inserted between the cheeks of "bad" and "ass."
“Kerry King's guitar solos are bad the fuck ass!”
by jacob k reist November 30, 2006
foreign porno. A combination of foriegn and porno obviously.
"she looks like an unshaven forno bitch."
by jacob k reist December 02, 2006
Noun- Someone who specializes in feeling special for maintaining the delusion that art is inherently valuable. This is typically done by selling their artwork, which requires a massively inflated ego and fosters a dependence on the insulated world of art critics. This dependency can be likened to the relationship between a hooker and a pimp.
"John Doe is an art whore. Before that he, like all other artists, was a wanna-be art whore."
by jacob k reist December 29, 2007
Cyclists who wear spandex and use traffic lanes instead of the readily available and perfectly paved bike trails in every major city.
Bob: hey man, pass this douche

Lenny: I don't want to pass this cyclist because he's hogging the lane. Therefore, I will slow to a crawl, and the the traffic behind us will blame the spandex-tard. Lulz.
by Jacob K Reist January 29, 2008
Exhibiting typical gothtard behavior. Used as an adjective.
"The manner in which Cradle of Filth poses for camera is just plain gothtarded."
by jacob k reist December 12, 2006
Pronounced "Booed-Kay", it's slang for Albuquerque, a medium sized town in the middle of the New Mexican desert.

Albuquerue's public schools rated at the lowest in the nation, and therefore it was decided to make the name into something easier to spell, thus sparing numerous 9th grade equivalent adults the embarrasment of trying to spell Albuquerque for the growing flood of noobs from actual cities.
"The Burque is one of the few places where the disorganized labor force can be exploited without dissent."
by Jacob K Reist January 29, 2008

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