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A cute busboy at a local restaurant (Jack Astor's). Originated from mis-reading the back of his shirt.
Does that shirt say "I'm a Jackalope"?
No, it says "I'm Jackalicious", but I could go for that Jackalope!!
by jackalope_hunter January 27, 2010
Fight like Matt.

One of sledge hockey's great players, and a Canadian, Matt Cooke, lost his final battle with cancer. Matt refused to ever give up, as proven by making Sledge Team Canada, after loosing his leg to cancer. Matt was a able-bodied hockey player who refused to let the cancer win, by living his life, and using the game of sledge hockey to play the sport he loved.
Bro: "I can't do this any more, I'm lost my leg. I'll never play hockey again!"

Dude: "Yes you can, you gotta FLM!!"
by jackalope_hunter April 05, 2010
A smokin' hot female bartender at a local restaurant (Jack Astor's). Works along side the Jackalope. Originated from the house name for a margarita.
Hey, check out that bartender!

She's too hot to be a bartender, she's a "Jackarita"!
by jackalope_hunter April 01, 2010
To have your plans foiled by an inadvertent action you made.
As you attempt to make thousands of dollars by betting on a football game you know the outcome of, the squirrel, that you puked on, after just waking up from a drunken haze, in a hot tub, after travelling back in time, appears on the football field, and changes the outcome of the game.

Dude: "We didn't travel back in time so you could bet on football"
Bro: "But I know who wins"
Dude: "Go for it then!"
...moments later...
Dude: "How much did we make??"
Bro: "Nothing, I ended up squirrelling it"
by jackalope_hunter April 01, 2010

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