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an afro american slang for bullshit. or when a ghost takes a shit it might be known as booshit.
man, what the fuck ! you wit dat booshit ! !

i walked thru a haunted house and stepped in some booshit ! !
by jack the wack June 03, 2008
A cum load of hi volume, as if to be the product of a male horse's penis. more cum then usual
I gave mary a "stallion load" last night, that shit was every place ! !
by jack the wack May 08, 2008
Nickname for a friend who is being stupid or fucking around.
Code word for a good looking girl
Hey, Fuckerella ! do you have that $20.00 I lent you ?

Yo John, look at that fuckerella by the bar.
by jack the wack May 06, 2008
When you pull out while having sex and "spray" sperm all over your girls face, chest, belly or ass. As it hits any of those surfaces gravity soon affects the jizz and in starts to roll "down".
I would give that hooker a good "spray down"

by jack the wack May 19, 2008
just another way of spelling douche, all the same definitions apply. looks cool when you send it in am i/m or a text message on your phone and can slide under the radar when typing in a forum that edits out bad words
hey, what was with tom last nght, he was acting like a real "dewsh"

Kathy: Jenny, what with that twat stank ?

Jenny: I know, my pussy is a little stinky, i got power fucked by john like 6 times this week. I guess i should dewsh to wash all those loads out
by jack the wack May 08, 2008
used to refer to a girl with large boobs. an extension of the word "rack" wich traditionally refered to animal with horns and evolved to a women with big boobs.
Tom: Jim, i'm gonna go talk to rackinella in the tank top.

Jim: I don't blame you, she's got a huge rack ! !
by jack the wack May 10, 2008
true way to hate.If you could take 1,000 suns and combine their fire and intensity in one spot,you would then place this person, place or thing into that fire with no hesitation or remorse and enjoy watching that object ignite instantly. when your dislike for someone graduates to hatred, and you despise the site of this person, you " hate them with the fire of 1,000 suns.
john: hey jack whats your problem with wes ?, you look like you want to kill him !
jack: john, i tell you, that cocksucker has made my life miserable, i hate him with the fire of 1,000 suns !
john: wow, thats a little harsh don't you think ?
jack: i wouldn't piss on him if he was on fire, and i'd kick the shit out of a person if they tried to.
John: ummm, well o.k. then ......
by jack the wack June 13, 2008

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