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the act of slapping your cock on a womens back or ass until it is raw!
i cock flogged her until she was red in the ass

i gave my girlfriend a setion of cock flogging
by jack number 7 May 03, 2007
The scrupance. (scrup-ance) is the mess left behind after a period of sexual intercourse. often a mixture a sexual juices left on the surface at which a sexual act. has been performed, to scrupance means to lap up these juices in an erotic fashion e.g off of the bed, table or car

other uses include.
i fancy some scrupancing (licking some scrupance)
me and my girlfriend finished shagging, and i put the sheet in the bed to get rid of the scrupance.


i cleaned dave's car to get rid of the scrupance we left on the seat.


i licked the scrupance up as my girl friend fingered herself
by jack number 7 May 03, 2007
where a women with long hair puts a large amount of UV gel on her hair until it hardens and turns a UV light on so it shines and then fucks her boyfriend in the japs-eye to loud club music
tessa and i had sex and then she did some disco diving
by jack number 7 May 03, 2007
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