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is any black person into gothic music and goth culuture
keshia like is arfo goth she listen to goth music and into the scene
by jack mcroja September 28, 2004
an aussie nu metal/ altervterive rock band memeber are damien vocals and gutiar crag t vocals guitar.
cd s
time files
neva mend
Nokturnl is graet band need to come here in the states
by jack mcroja September 29, 2004
anyone who is fan of show tv call farscape
george is scaper he he wacth farscape
by jack mcroja September 29, 2004
a genertion born post world war 2 and the same genetion where hippies in 6o's and become yuppies in 80's.
our parents genetrion. in some case your grandprent genertion
by jack mcroja June 08, 2005

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