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Dictionary but spelt like that because the person has dizlecksiah/dyslexia or something (they're a punani).
i threw away mi dikshunary last nite
by j00l.i.e April 26, 2003
Acubus' partner; The old greyed master's slave. Pooba is a lost soul that is trapped in the dark seas of nower. Acubus must pass his fear of water, learn to swim, breathe underwater and rescue poor pooba.
you must rescue pooba! he needs you!
by j00l.i.e April 26, 2003
Something that is mistyped or a n00b n00b
tyhis is an examole or soemone who;s maekign lots of tpyos
by j00l.i.e April 26, 2003
Short for urine
I need to ur
by j00l.i.e April 26, 2003

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