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during naked times involving 3+ people, one participant inserts a finger into the woman's vagina while another participant inserts a finger into her anus. The inserters then touch fingers through the vaginal/rectal walls, simulating a high-five. except with fingers.
my room mate and i had some slut ask us to double team her. we started it off with a celebratory finger high-five.
by j.t. paperstacks September 20, 2010
When someone does something that is reminiscent of another person's signature move.
#1- Dude, i got wasted last night and was cleaning my gun. Fucked up and shot my tv. That was some dizzle-ass shit to do.

#2- I did some dizzle-ass shit last night. I got drunk and ran out into the ocean. In February.
by j.t. paperstacks October 21, 2010

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