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Black Metal is definitely NOT faggoth hot-topic Cradle of Filth or a band like Dimmu Borgir, whose live shows consist of smoke machines and girls in bondage dancing around. That is called GOTHIC METAL and is for disturbed high schoolers. Please get it right.

Black Metal IS a harsh, noisy offshoot of Thrash Metal based around Satanic ideals and Norse Mythology that came into being in the early 80's in Norway. Black Metal can be dissociated from Thrash Metal by its high-pitched unnatural screams made to sound demonic, its use of Blast Beats (32nd-note snare hits), syncopation, and costume (Corpse Paint, which is black and white make-up used to further enhance the demonic quality and hide the identity of the wearer). Band members also go by fabricated names.

The reason Black Metal revolves around these things is because it opposes the early Norwegian invasion of Christianity (which was brought by their own King Olaf in early A.D., not by missionaries as some think). Black Metal uses a pseudo-Grotesque method to offend society in their live shows, while simultaneously attracting listeners to the cause, with their use of Corpse Paint, blood and gore, and mock crucifixions that some bands put on during live concerts. Some of its scene members have burned churches. It is not a joke, except to some, who would like to pass it off as harmless. This is the REAL difference between a true Black Metaller and a poser.

Black Metal bands use terrible production in their records on purpose, veering away from the direction of society, and ALSO because many bands spend nearly their entire recording budget on cover art and have to do their own recording with inexpensive equipment.

There were a few waves of Black Metal bands, the first including Mayhem and Venom. Mayhem was the most central band to the original Black Metal movement, and a member of Mayhem had the first Black Metal record label based out of a small record store called "Helvete" (Hell). They also established the Inner Circle, a group of Black Metal bands who would organize against Christianity. Within this group, there were power struggles for "who was the most evil" that resulted in several murders of key Black Metallers.

There are a variety of Black Metal subgenres:

- Symphonic Black Metal (Limbonic Art, Sirius, etc)
- Troll Metal (Mortiis, Troll, etc)
- Melodic Black Metal
- Norsecore (Marduk, etc)
- Viking Metal

See Wikipedia if you want an in-depth definition of these genres and their related bands.

While Black Metal had a growing movement in the 90's, after about a decade of popularity, their movement has seriously declined.
Black Metal is Satan, Vikings, Burned Churches, Animal Parts, Crucifixions, Blast Beats, Forests, Trolls, Demons, Noisy Minor Chords, Screaming, you get the idea.
by j. jamz April 22, 2006

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