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Acronym for the band, Stone Temple Pilots. Originally, the band called themselves "Shirly Temple's Pussy", but after pressure from their recording company, they changed it to what it is now. Scott Weiland has since left the band and is now lead singer for the Mega-Rock Group "Velvet Revolver".
Man, STP was good...but Velvet Revolver is Scott Weiland at his best! Don't fuck this one up, buddy..
X-Box 360 is the highest anticipated platform of the decade. It will also outsell all other platforms of the decade. The Core edition will also be available for the poor kids. There is an expected 26 titles being released by the end of this year alone, featuring the next Perfect Dark game amongst other sure to be instant classics. Oh,and the Killzone 2 trailer ISNT even gameplay...
Thats right...isnt even gameplay. the x-box 360 is going to be the best ever dude!
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