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An African American who plays heavily into white guilt to further their personal and political agenda. Origin: portmanteau of african and opportunist.
Welcome all to the Rose Garden to celebrate this historic signing of the 2010 Yet Another Minority Set-Aside Act for Federally Funded Programs. Please rise and welcome the Afrotunist in Chief, Barack Obama!
by it be what it be May 02, 2010
A mixed-race black person who plays both sides of the fence according to when it suits them, slipping between urban vernacular to hustle and jive with the brothers and articulate prep-speak to charm whitey.
That step brother Obama is about as African as an eggroll.
by it be what it be March 17, 2010
The 44th president of the United States.
Bush #3 don't be speakin' fo' me.
by it be what it be May 02, 2010

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