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A super expensive private school with two campuses located in Studio City and Bel Air, that is surprisingly not for the rich and famous but for the rich and famous that have brains (although there are some exceptions to this rule).

It is mainly Asian but you don't see them or know about them because they're all in the library competing to see who's smarter.

It pretty much sucks if you don't care about having perfect grades and getting into Ivy League.

People for the most part are pretty nice, although they get shallower with the years. Everybody's pretty open-minded since there are so many races and religions in the student body that they don't discriminate (but they do make a lot of stereotypical jokes).

There are some students, like myself, that have gotten scholarships to HW for being "incredibly smart" even though once you're in there you see you're not so intelligent after all.

People like to exaggerate about how hard it is, but it is only hard if you're taking 6 AP classes out of 8 periods. They should really take it easy and enjoy all the drugs they can buy with all that money and stop calling people fat as an insult.
Me: "Dude, you look horrible. What happened to you?"
Fellow Harvard-Westlake student: "I only got 3 hours of sleep because I have a chemistry test today."
Me: "So you spent all night studying?"
Fellow Harvard-Westlake student: "I need to get a 100% or my grade will drop to an A-!"
Me: "That's the most ridiculous thing I've heard all day. I'm gonna take a year off at a public school."
by istoleyourgrannypanties August 22, 2008

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