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Ultra High Frequency
-radio transmissions from 300 to 3000 MHz

-the old TV broadcast band, channels 14 to 69.

-a really good album by Wierd Al Yankovic

-any radio system operating in the 300 to 3000 MHz range

-the military aircraft communications band
"Roger Maverick, switch to UHF 365.45"
by IrishRepublicanArmy October 12, 2003
A high-quality, relatively low-risk investment; the term usually refers to stocks of large, well-established companies that have performed well over a long period.
I just put $500 on some good GE blue chip stock.
by IrishRepublicanArmy February 11, 2004
Pirate radio stations are usally one or two-person operations airing home-brew entertainment and/or iconoclastic viewpoints. In order to avoid detection by the authorites (The Man, FCC, etc), they tend to appear irregularly, with little concern for the niceties of conventional program scheduling. Most are found in Europe chiefly on weekends and major holidays, and mainly during the evenings in North America, often just above 6200.0 kHz, just below 7000.0 kHz (6955 and 6995 kHz are common pirate frequencies) and just above 7345 kHz. These sub rosa stations and thier addresses are subject to unusally abrupt change or termination, as well as their frequency of transmission, to avoid being cought by the FCC.
Free Radio stations are unlicensed broadcasters. They operate in defiance of FCC rules, which often seem to be more concerned with protecting the big broadcasting interests.
by irishrepublicanarmy December 31, 2003
a radio receiver that can quickly switch between two or more channels (today's scanners usally have more then 500 channels) and then stop when the frequency is active. Used by criminals and radio operators to listent to pretty much everything from the police officer asking his buddy to get him more doughnuts and your cordless phone.
"yeah man, i just got a hit on the scanner, the cops are after some black guy"
by IrishRepublicanArmy October 13, 2003
An excellent program which removes Spyware, Adware, daillers and many other malacious programs and files on your computer. It can also fix registry problems and remove usage tracks from your registry. It is a free download as are the update files (same with Ad-Aware, another great program).
I use both Ad-Aware and Spybot - Search & Destroy on my computer to remove spyware and other bad programs.
by IrishRepublicanArmy June 05, 2004
The DX-949 is an AM/SSB CB radio.
It covers 26.965 to 27.405 but can easliy be moded to cover from 26 to 28 MHz, making it a nice freeband radio.
use 27.555 MHz for calling in USB mode.
by IrishRepublicanArmy December 20, 2003
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