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a really really great guy who can be SERIOUSLY cocky at times. he has great friends and a kick ass personality, but screws girls over a lot and leaves their hearts in the dust. a lot of girls never get over ryans. they have something about them. ryans play soccer, and have gorgeous green eyes, but their pupils are really big so you cant see them. ryan doesn't know how much he hurts people, but doesnt seem to see it. he also takes chinese. seems like he's never gotten hurt. needs a great girlfriend so he can learn to stop hooking up then leaving girls aching for him. ryan is one of my best friends and im really glad i know him. im also glad he hasnt screwed me over ;) id tell you to waste your time on this guy, because he's definitely worth fighting for.
tim: hey, whos that guy talking that girl up in chinese while juggling

ron: dude. thats ryan. where have you been?

tim: i wish i could roll like him man!
by irish for life March 07, 2010

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