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Navigating the hallways of one of the richest schools in Pennsylvania you come across the girls that are "popular" participating in the Bulimia Olympics, but not without carrying their Louis Vuitton bags and wearing the latest from Abercrombie & Fitch with the "thong of the week" from Victoria Secret. Once you get your eyes rolled at a few times and a few dirty looks from the sluts--I mean girls, you come across the other half. If you aren't wearing pants 12 sizes too big along with your ice 'round your neck and a joint in your pocket, you aint cool. Everyone belongs to the Ghetto, or wish they did, as they trip over themselves tryin to rap their way down the hall. Gotta have had sex or gotten drunk or you're just plain weird, and if you have something to do, you are in the minority, but whites definately aren't. Unionville is the ghetto meets Beverly Hills.
You know you're in Unionville when...

every kid has rap blaring out of their oversized headphones

a guy can wear baggy jeans and a Dr.J jersey and the next day wear a shirt and tie, but still be fashionably correct
by involuntary involvement December 29, 2004

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