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the name of one of the most grammatically deprived rappers on the scene...his rhymes are kindergarden good at best...you could definitely be a GED grad to understand his thought process on his songs...for a guy to talk as much BS as he does, you wouldn't believe the dude is like 30 years old, 5'4 and 100 pounds soak and wet..i mean come on the dude is from Fort Myers, FL (and having been down there on many occasions myself), there is nothing that particularly hood about living there unless you consider lakeside beach houses and courtyard malls "thuggin"....another ridiculous lame-o, reject in his thirties fooling all of the sponge like minds of little brainless teenagers and "so-called" hood kids..
PLies: "ye no me main i be dat boy who spit auh rawness for my busey-babe!!"
by intelligent black man August 25, 2008
another one of BET's ways of exposing and personafying all the usual stereotypes of black youth....
All the male cast members: "all girls are bitches!"..."i wanna screw all the chicks in tha house!!"

All the female cast members: "well uhm...i am in school to be a model cause i want to come up with my own clothing line cause i luv to look at myself and think that every dude in the house and in america wants me...cause all yall some hatas cause you aint on college hill!!"
by intelligent black man March 31, 2008
term or phrase used to describe a certain level of foolishness that will be or is trying to be achieved for the sake of comic relief
Dude 1: "man the stunt you pulled in class was funny as hell !!..."

Dude 2: "yeah man i was tryin to take it to a new level of ignorancy with that shit!!...i almost bust out laughin myself..LOL!!"
by intelligent black man August 22, 2008

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