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Warhammer 40k, a Tabletop Strategy game developed by citadel miniatures, and produced by gamesworkshop is the most popular Tabletop battle game of it's kind. Designed by Rick Priestly, the first edition rulebook was published in 1987 and had a different method of play. The first models for this game were all lead, and at first the rules only supported small skirmish based battles.

In late 1993, 2nd edition rulebook was published under the direction of Andy Chambers and with it introduced orks and rules that would support bigger battles and more models. Plastic models started to enter months after the 2nd edition rulebook, and new armies like the imperial guard and eldar growed into larger armies. It should be noted that in 1994 many races got thier own rulebooks known as a codex. Each codex has supplimentary rules and background as well as hobby articles on the specific race. Such an example is a codex for the space marines, coming with rules for each model, and wargear that adapted to the main rulebook. This alone started to gather many more gamers and eventually became a hit.

Then in 1998, the third edition was released. The rules growed even larger supporting bigger battles and rule balancing for armies. It came in a box with plastic space marines and the newly introduced dark eldar. Since 3rd edition contained a lot of rule changes all the army codexes were revamped to be used for the 3rd edition rulebook. At this time there were both pewter and plastic models and a growing popularity of players. Since the 3rd edition's release, there has been a cityfight rulebook released to allow players to fight in urban enviroments and creating a larger capacity in the hobby. Also, 2 new races were added in later years known as the Tau, and Necrons.

Then in 2004 came forth edition, which as of 2008 remains the current rulebook used. Battle for macragge was a supplementary release for the fourth edition including new tyranid models and spaces marines. This set also comes with a plastic crashed aircraft. The 4th edition rulebook is also inside the box, but a smaller soft cover version that has rules only rather than the hobby indexes and background story pages. After the release of 4th edition, the tyranids and space marines got new codexes as well as new models. In 2006 Gamesworkshop launched a campaign for Warhammer 40k with the release of a new supplementary book called cities of death. It is basically a update from Cityfight but makes urban warfare more simple to play and with it came plastic building kits to allow hobbyists to create there own style buildings and terrain. The Campaign was called medusaV which took place on a fictional world where all the races would fight for the planet in participating gaming centers. At the end, the space marines won the campaign. In late 2007, a new rulebook for 4th edition was released called Apocalypse. Apocalypse allows players to have very large battles ranging from hundreds of units and larger vehicles known as titans. Apocalypse is a very expensive portion to be in and requires large armies to play. Gamesworkshop released several plastic sets containing many models for a price that allowed players to get started. Forgeworld, a Sister company to Gamesworkshop produces high quality resin kits to assemble titans and other types of units. They have been a large supporter in apocalypse however since they are based in the united kingdom, the models can cost as much as 700 - 1,000 United States Dollars. Gamesworkshop made the Baneblade into a plastic kit, a large tank with many weapons mounted on it and perhaps a popular model for the Imperial Guard army. This costs 95 USD compared to Forgeworld's 280 Dollar kit.
Warhammer 40k is a awesome tabletop game!
by infohelperr1 February 02, 2008
Lifetime is a Channel on TV that runs movies and shows involving men being hateful rapists. This is potrayed most likely due to the Owner of lifetime is a Man hater lesbian. Many people Men and woman alike have Criticised Lifetime for being overboard, but that did not stop lifetime for airing some very irrational shows about Woman beaters. Every show features a man that owns a gun, and for some reason thats a bad thing so the woman freaks out and calls the police.

There are many shows on that channel that include rapists, rebellious teenagers who murder people, men who always cheat on their wives, and woman who get locked up in a closet because for some reason this very evil guy is gonna go kill a grandma for stealing some precious books from him.
Lifetime show:

Paranoid Lesbian: Oh my god! did you see that guy who was mad because his favorite baseball team lost the world series!?

Frightened Lady: Yes, oh my god! He might have a gun! He is going to come and rape us! He will take a baseball game on us because a Man is angry!

Paranoid Lesbian: We are going to die!

(The angry man goes home to cook dinner for his wife, but the two ladies think hes going back home to defile the house, and shoot his kids.)
by infohelperr1 December 17, 2007
Hax is a common word said by a noob from a online game who gets killed by a professional player, thus the noob cries out "OMG HAX!!1" because the noob expects to be a god in a game when he/she really just sucks.

The origins of date for the word hax is unknown, but could be recorded being said all the way back in 1999 in a popular VALVe online shooter called Counter-Strike. The majority of online gamers don't really "Hax" or in other words, they do not hack in games to become better, this is usually slang for cheating being used with downloadable illegal modifications to games that override the normal gamemode with god mode, Super speed, unlimited ammo, and so forth. Online games such as Steam games prohibit the use of hax, or in other terms, cheating and any players recorded using hax will be banned from steam and will no longer be able to play any of it's games.
(Noob1 got railed by Veteranplayer)
Noob1: OMG! LAG!!
(Noob2 got railed by Veteranplayer)
Noob2: LOL i wasn't being hard on u!!1one
(Noob1 gets a plasma round in the face fron Veteranplayer)
Veteranplayer: Maybe you just suck and don't want to look like a loser?
(Noob2 gets a slug in his cranium from Veteranplayer)
Noob2: U werE bEhIND ME!1 OMG U HAX!!!
Veteranplayer: Ya, ok noob.

(The result of a bunch of noobs expecting to be super duper at a game they just started.)
by infohelperr1 February 26, 2008
The alleged year of doomsday. December 21st, 2012. The year where idiots crowd the streets shouting out prophecies to the other idiots who believe it will happen. Doomsday was believed to be Y2k but it was then moved over to 2012 because of the Mayan calendar's date ending in 2012 sparks out desperate theories that we are all going to die. Planet X is a internet hoax, etc.

The problem with modern society is that people listen to idiots who barely have a chunk of knowledge in astronomy and physics clinging to thier stupid spiritual rhetorical philosophies.
Idiot Prophet: "People of the world! The year is going to be upon us when all will cease to exsist, blah blah blah blah!"

Idiot 1: "OMG! This guy is so right, the world is going to blow up!"

Idiot 2: "Wow this guy should lecture in a Astronomy class!"

Me: "Hey Idiots, the world has been getting along just fine for over 4 billion years, why would it end now? Because of some Mayan calendar that stopped counting after December 21st 2012? Go fuck yourself you idiots."
by Infohelperr1 December 11, 2009
A Large often bipedal war machine that originated from the French book "War of the Worlds" With artistic renditions of a Tripod with three legas and a abdomen, however mechs only became popular in the 1980's with the release of the battletech series from FASA and started a whole new revolution in futuristic fictional warfare.

Ever since then, spin offs like the Computer Simulation games mechwarrior was released allowing players to enter a virtual cockpit on a battlefield, and even extended interest in japanese anime artists. Mechs are often depicted as large and usually destructive machines that can take punishment and give massive punishment.

Japanese engineers decided to try and make a mech, and sarted on it's work in the early 2000's and it was finished. However this mech in general or simply known as "Land Walker" instead of moving with limbs that lift and step, the legs slide on the ground with wheels underneath the feet of the walker. This Land walker was made by Sakakibara Kikai.

Other companies have stated that they are working on making mechs however in this time of age it is very difficult to harness the engineering to design such a mech, especially how it was envisioned in mechwarrior: Fast heavy and dangerous walkers. The main issue with creating a Mech is the limbs, the heavy weight that would incorperate the mech would make it harder for engineers to actually make it function properly, and it would need a powerful enough energy source powering it's move.

Many have attempted to make a Properly functional mech but there always becomes issues that takes geniuses to accomplish, but even then many picture a battlemech to be nothing more that a huge walking target. If a mech is to stand tall, and take punishment it needs great armor, but great armor like the M1a2 Main battle tank is extremely heavy for the Mech's Hydraulic actuators and servos.

Design is key in making a mech, and anyone could be the first one to make a fully successful mechanized vehicle, even though it may take years to come there will be a time when someone does it.

Words related to a mech:
The mech is considered a bipedal war machine with enourmous weight and deadly firepower that can dominate the battlefield.

Engineer1: Hey, did you see those anime mechs?
Engineer2: Yeah, they are damn ugly, and they look too
incosistant and reliable.
Engineer3: Yeah and what is with those Eye balls? Do they actually do something?
by infohelperr1 June 09, 2008
When a person, usually shy or insecure; sees another person who they think is incredibly attractive, and then can't think straight as a result of seeing the attractive person. After which, the person thinks to him/herself and becomes in disbelief and low self-esteem that they can't ask that person out because they aren't "worthy" to ask out someone so appealing.

This is golden heart syndrome, the act of throwing one self away from potential romance in belief that "they deserve better". Golden heart syndrome also has other side effects, such as refusing to ask someone out because the person they are going to ask might already be spoken for, thus it would be intrusive on that person's relationship.
*Shy dude with Golden Heart Syndrome walks into store and notices one of the ladies there was extremely beautiful that he previously seen there before. *

Beautiful lady: "Hey, welcome to PC shop, what can I help you with?"

Shy dude: "Umm uhhh right, I was uh.. Looking for a... Actually, I think I need to go..."

*Shy dude rushes out the door, sweating and nervous to get fresh air.*

Shy dude: "I don't deserve her. She needs someone better than me."

Pedestrian: "You ok pal? You look all riled up!"

Shy dude: "Oh me? I... I think i'll be ok..."
by Infohelperr1 January 12, 2013
A Soap Opera based on depressed woman and men. IT is really fucked because it makes the world look so evil.

The acting is quite terrible and is a blight on TV.
One episode of All My Children:

Bionca: The reason i murdered your father is because he tried to rape me.
by infohelperr1 December 17, 2007

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