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To become so enraged you begin immediately killing everything in sight.
Friend 1: "We were playing a video game last night with 5 friends and messed with the wrong guy. Dude start rage killing the crap out of us and followed us around for a half hour."

Friend 2: "That sucks dude."
by infantryscoming August 06, 2010
Army Infantry term for a pointless meeting (the infantry is all male). The army is also very homophobic and the slightly gay reference of the term is also meant to be derogatory to whoever called the meeting.
LT #1: Man where you off to in such a hurry.
LT #2: The Colonel called another dick touching session to remind us the appropriate method for ordering Hum-V tires again.
by infantryscoming August 19, 2010
An Army vehicle, full summary of the vehicle available here Stryker.

What's cool about this lil fella is that it is one of the only vehicles in Army history named after a soldier, not a famous general. The Stryker is named in honor of Spc. Robert F. Stryker, who received the Medal of Honor for his actions during the Vietnam War, and Pfc. Stuart S. Stryker, who received the award for his actions during World War II. Both men were killed in action.
That goofy looking wheeled vehicle with armor all around it is the Stryker.
by infantryscoming August 09, 2010
Goofy ass music played from loud speakers at mosques in the middle east. Plays 5 times a day. Upon its playing hajjis everywhere are sometimes observed to stop other activities in order to temporarily pull out their pray rug and rip one off.
Soldier 1: "What on earth is that ridiculous sound."

Soldier 2: "Its call to prayer, helps the raghead feel self righteous about how religious they are."

Solder 1: "But none of them seem to be stopping to pray?"

Soldier 2: "Yeah, the hajji pretty much ignores it."

Soldier 1: "WTF is wrong with these people?"

Soldier 2: "Anal sex with livestock, its created some fucked up diseases that ravage their minds."
by infantryscoming August 09, 2010

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