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Category of person; better than emo.

Usually if an indie kid asks you if you like a band you will have not have heard of the band. Indie kids could usually name five hundred bands you've never heard of without breaking a sweat.

There is an underlying war between the indie kids and the emo's this will be because they one. attempted to steal there dress sense but then turn it all black. two. took converse off them. three. made people which are neither an indie kid or emo think that they are one of the same. the indie kids do not like this as they are obviously far superior with better dress sense, hair styles, lifestyles and obviously music taste than the emos.

indie kids may not like to use the word 'indie' to describe themselves anymore as it has been stolen by corporate sellouts who now claim that bands such as embrace, snow patrol and keane are indie.

if you thought that those bands were indie until you read that sentence you are not indie.

indie kids care about they way they look; they just don't go on about it. in fact they probably spend as much time on there appearance as they do seeking out unknown bands.

they can be found at local gigs that only cost about £4 to get into or at the bigger indie gigs which cost at most about £9 to get into.

indie are the anti-emo. indie are not close to emo... one major difference is that indie kids have better hair.
indie yuppie: i like indie. i was listening to embrace earlier.
indie kid: that's not indie. that is what the capitalists have wrapped up nicely and put into a carefully manfuactured package with a big stamp on it saying 'indie' which does not make it indie. go listen to bromheads jacket.
indie yuppie: who..?
indie kid: ....don't even talk to me.
by indie kidette April 22, 2006

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