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16 definitions by indie English

British slang.

Very curious and inquisitive person.
You're so inna! It's kinda bothering me already!
by indie English June 14, 2011
24 12
Another word for manifold or multifarious.
What a pick'n'mix stuff you got there, bro!
by indie English June 23, 2011
11 1
British slang. Similar to inna and eggs-up.

Very curious and annoying person.
The gal's pushy and extra. She wants to know everything about everybody.

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by indie English June 19, 2011
18 13
Short form for yodel.
I'm-a yod!
by indie English June 13, 2011
7 2
Short form for vomit.
It's too bad! Vom's coming again!

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by indie English June 17, 2011
7 3