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A movement that talking heads in the mainstream corporate media love to denigrate by claiming we have no clear message. In actuality, the message couldn't be more clear if you'd just open your ears and LISTEN.

Occupy Wall Street does not advocate for the end of capitalism. Rather, we oppose crony capitalism and wish for a return to the pre-Reagan era of capitalism under which the U.S. had greater equality and stronger economic growth.
Some examples of issues supported by Occupy Wall Street:

- Restoration of Glass-Steagall financial regulations which stood strong for nearly 70 years until they were axed in 1999

- Reversal of the 2010 Citizens United supreme court ruling which basically enabled moneyed interests to decide our elections

- Repeal of the Bush tax cuts and an eventual return to the pre-Reagan tax rates under which the U.S. prospered

- An end to corporate personhood and other special loopholes and privileges that exclusively benefit large corporations at the expense of everyone else

- An end to oil subsidies, bank bailouts and other forms of corporate welfare

- Restoration of the workers rights that were decimated by Reagan and further whittled away by George Dubya

- An end to lobbying - politicians should work for ALL Americans

- A return to the principles of democracy
by independent progressive November 06, 2011
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