20 definitions by incipitsathanas

1) A phrase used to refer to an act ov anal sex/buttsex.
Last night I had some good butt lovin!
by incipitsathanas March 16, 2008
1.) The word used to define morgan freeman's excessive scheming to achieve maximum penis growth

2.) To plan a chinese fire drill

3.) Debating between resting your schrodum on an old lady's nostrils or to buy a five dollar footlong
I'm going to cabobulate.
by incipitsathanas July 06, 2009
1: Someone who takes shits repeatedly throughout the day
and or takes their sweet ass time doing so and also uses an entire roll ov toilet paper to wipe.

2: Once thought to be mythical creatures ov mexico up until their discovery by Mel Gibson on a voyage deep into the mystical mexican monte, and as ov today have not been thoroughly studied; are thought to either be living piles ov steaming shit, risen from sewers, or just sasquatch like creatures that cover themselves in their own feces.
"Dude, you've been in the restroom for like an hour already, and i know you're using the whole damn roll in there, hurry up you caca monster!"
by incipitsathanas October 29, 2009
1) Elves in your ass.
2) Defined in the bible, Bill 3:16 pm verse 78907890 as the "vile creatures that dwell within thy sphincter and will give thy wiping hand no rest whatsoever". In Finnish literature they are described as the sole reason we must use toilet paper "or else they're gonna pull you into the pot".
There's no toilet paper!I bet the butthole elves are out tonight!
by incipitsathanas April 06, 2008
1) The self proclaimed prophet ov sorts whom is most famously noted for predicting the supposed second coming ov Jesus to "the forgotten land ov Chicago when his vast collection ov pornography is exhausted by the great Deepthroat Lord Krakow's return to heaven to avenge Tom Hanks".
"Did you see that special on the history channel about Nostradumbass? Man that dude was buff."
by Incipitsathanas October 21, 2008
1) John
2) Macaroni made in a homo-sexual fashion
3) One who is a homo-sexual or likes to watch the televison program Queer as Folk
Don't look know, but here comes fagaroni.
by incipitsathanas March 16, 2008
1. masturbating to thoughts ov sex with women and not jesus/god; masturbating to porn or the excorsist.
"Father, forgive me for i have sinned, the other day i was jacking off to tera patrick getting rammed by a huge weiner"

"that is unchristian masturbating my son"
by incipitsathanas October 29, 2009

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