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2 definitions by in the zone

2 World Series titles (again, sorry sports freak) 1969, 1986
4 National League Pennants ('69,'73,'86
and 2000).

the Mets were brought in to help fill the NL void for the Dodgers and Giants who left NYC in the late '50s.
New York Mets and their fans have more class and style then the Yankees and Yankee fan.
by in the zone January 11, 2004
sports freak, sports freak, sports freak....do you live in a parallel universe? lol
it was the EARLY 80s that the Islanders won their 4 straight cups (1980-83).
Would have tied Montreal's record for 5 straight if they would have beaten the Oilers in the 84 finals.
The New York Islanders hold the record as both a U.S. based team and an expansion team, to have the most consecutive cup wins.
by in the zone January 10, 2004