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Ass-kicking band from Liverpool in the 60s. Best (or my favorite) songs are Hey Jude, With A Little Help From My Friends, I Am the Walrus, Yellow Submarine, Let It Be, Across the Universe, Come Together, Get Back, Yesterday, and their cover of Twist n Shout!

Members are Paul McCartney (who is the sexiest man alive at the moment), John Lennon (who is just pure awesomeness), George Harrison <3, and Ringo Starr <3.

The Beatles-haters include:
-idiots who haven't even listened to a Beatles song in their life but don't like them because they're 'old'.
-metal heads who don't like them because you can actually understand what they're saying
-'gangstas' who don't like them because they don't talk about fucking a bunch of hoes
-emos who don't like them because...well, what DO emos like?

So yeah, in conclusion, the Beatles rock very hard and Beatles-haters fail very hard.
I wore a shirt that says "The Beatles" and has cartoons of all the members on it to school today, and at least five girls gave me strange looks, probably because I drew hearts around Paul's face.
by in love with macca March 12, 2010

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