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The act of ejaculating on ones own nether-regions (testicular area is preferable, but this can also work with the penis... i guess) after oral sex, and then slapping them on the side of your partner's face. Hold them there for as long as possible while going beep... beep... beep... If you manage to hold them there for 5 beeps you are required to boast to all of your close guy friends about your great achievement, as your man-score now has 100 more points. Also, You do not buy any alcohol for the next week, its on your buddy's tab. However, if it does not last 5 Beeps, it is an automatic dignity suicide, losing you 500 man points and rejection from civilization. A risky but potentially epic maneuver.
Man 1: Last Night i finished up with Bevelyn, And i decided to go for the Sticky Grenade. Held it there for the full 5.
Man 2: You Da Boss!
Man 1: Fuck Yeh.
(Macho Bear Hug/Sticky Grenade High Five)

Man 3: Dude, I Went for the sticky Grenade last night with that fit girl in the pink low cut tee...
Man 4: You Hit it Yeh?
Man 3: Well i got to 4...
Man 4: Sorry who are you?
#sticky #grenade #sticky grenade #man #halo #balls #testicles #beer #face #girl
by impregnated camel May 16, 2010
Derived from the videos of 'Tub Girl', this action involves having explosive diarrhea in a bath tub, but, unlike the original video, where the excrement lands in the mouth and chest area of the girl, this version involves the use of various fondue items, such as cheese and strawberries. Place whatever items you may wish to devour later on a skewer and place in the line of fire until thoroughly coated, shake off any excess excrement, and enjoy.
Guy 1: Last night me and the guys went round Lucy's, she made some chocolate fondue.
Guy 2: That's fucking sick!
#tub girl #tub #bath #girl #boy #group #poo #excrement #diarrhea
by impregnated camel May 17, 2010
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