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One bad ass band. No one even really new about them and nobody knows there first albums like KERPLUNK or DOOKIE. most kids only heard of AMERICAN IDIOT. so people who declare themselves the most hardcore greenday fan ever which song is this line from?

"everybody loves a joke but no one likes a fool"

if you dont know, then you dont know the real harcore greenday.
(no it doesnt count if you go look it up,because you didnt know before}
(also your the name of that song if you didnt know what it was called)
stupid "harcore" green day fan- "ker-what?"
by imboredrightnow September 22, 2006
This band that thinks they're the best band in the whole universe. They think every other band make music from there "leftovers." There lyrics also fucken suck.
They hate The Bravery and Fall Out Boy. There lyrics suck and you know it, but you wont accept it because your stupid little friends like them. the killers suck thats all.
by imboredrightnow September 22, 2006
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