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1 definition by ilovetehchiodos

Hot topic is a store, found in many malls, that sells things from Lordi shirts to Foster's home for imaginary friends shirts, black studded bracelets to pink jelly bracelets. They sell a lot of type of jeans in styles and colors hard to find other places. people say that its over priced, but most of the shirts are like $10-$15. shirts at other places are like $20-$40. Also, where else can you find skinny jeans for like 30 bucks? I shop there occasionally to get a band shirt or a shirt with a funny saying like "Don't Piss Off The Voices". I've seen some 5th grade girls looking like prostitutes in there, and ive seen a 6 ft 4" guy with long hair skinny jeans and eye liner, who definitly wasn't a "poser". I think people should shop where they like, not where every one at school likes.
Me: Wanna go to Hot Topic to get some sweet band shirts?
My friend: Yeah sure what bands do they have
Me: Postal service to marilyn manson
by ilovetehchiodos September 04, 2007
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