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1. (n.) a mistake

2. (n.) an annoying boy who is needy, also depending on others, not funny, unattractive, scruffy- looking. this so called spoodles also thinks that he (and yes, it is always a he) is the smartest, hottest SHIT ever. he an egotistical son of a bitch. usually, the "spoodles" has a dull personality, dull name, thats why they invent the nickname spoodle to reconpensate for it. example: anna white, which sounds like "applewhite". no matter how hard the spoodles tries, he will always be a loser who has 1. no amigos and 2. no girls. poor spoodles.
guy: He is such a TOOOL!
other guy: nah, he's just a spoodles.
by ilikeitintheass December 15, 2009

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