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Attention Deficit Disorder. A very irritating problem even though it is fun acting hyper and confused when I don't take my medication. I fit in better with my friends when I don't take my medicine.
Friend 1: Dude you're acting weird. Did you take your ADD medication this morning?
Me: WHY DO YOU NEED TO KNOW HUH I DON'T NEED THE DAMN MEDICATION I'M PERFECTLY FI... How did I get in this room? When did the bus drop me off? What were we talking about?
Friend 2: Whoa, calm down. Jeez.
Friend 3: I don't think she took it this morning... O.o
Friend 4: Ever hear of breathing?
Friend 5: Or punctuation for that matter?
Me: Did I spaz again?
Friend 1: Yep... O_o
Friend 3: She doesn't remember?
Friend 2: She's just like GIR!!!!
by iit'z all aboutt tthe muziic January 20, 2009

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