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Chris Richardson was the hottie from American Idol Season 6 (along with Blake Lewis). He got voted off on Bon Jovi/Idol Gives Back week finishing in 5th place. Some say he was voted off because of his Justin Timberlake-similiarities. His fanbase was called The Richness. His fanbase with Blake Lewis was called CAKE, BLISS, or MURTLE.
Did you see Cake last night? Blake Lewis and Chris Richardson were both amazingly hott.
by iheartblakelewis August 02, 2007
Blake Lewis was the runnerup of american Idol Season 6. He was the total hottie of the show, well known for his originality and amazing beatboxing skills. His talent will definitely take him far after the competition. Most guess that Blake will become the best seller of Season 6. His fanbase was called The Blakers or sometimes The Blaker Girls. His fanbase name with fellow contestant and best friend on the show, Chris Richardson, was either CAKE, BLISS, or MURTLE.
Blake Lewis beatboxed last night to You Give Love a Bad Name. He was so hot! He's so going to win.
by iheartblakelewis August 02, 2007
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