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The phenomenon which began in the 50's with the combination of rhythm and blues, country music, and gospel. It was pioneered by Chuck Berry, transformed by The Beatles, hardened by Led Zeppelin and AC/DC, and through the course of the 70's evolved into the pinnacle of musical glory.

Since then, it has lost the "Roll" and degenerated into "Rock" a generic term for all manners of crappy, modern, guitar driven music that has nothing to do with the messages, anthems, and ideals of old. Rather than professing a belief in the "Livin' easy, livin' free" lifestyle professed by AC/DC and their contemporaries, "Rock" now aims to piss and moan as much as possible whilst backed by horrible, rehashed guitar and pre-pubescent vocals about slutty girlfriends and cannabis.

Rock and Roll is not just a genre of music. Beyond that, it is a philosophy, attitude, and way of life. The purpose of Rock 'n Roll as opposed to other types of music, is to rebel. True Rock asserts that we need to stick it to The Man and Rage against The Machine (see The Man, see also The Machine). Rock and Roll is a way to disent The Establishment, and somewhere along the line we forgot that. Some believe that all you need to rock is righteous outrage, when in fact you also need talent and inspiration.
Rock 'n Roll isn't dead. It's just that it's going through a dry-spell.
Besides, it won't be dead until there are none left willing to Stick it to The Man.

Wearing a pink shirt is the most un-Rock 'n Roll thing you can do.

Those who hate Rock 'n Roll hate living and, indeed, life itself.
A type of cheese that is of low quality, possibly due to mass production.

Best when melted.
-Damn, this American cheese is bad.
-Try toasting it.
A real rock band is a group of musicians who more or less follow the principals of Rock 'n Roll.
System of a Down, Rage against the Machine, Metallica, Aerosmith, etc. are examples of a rock band

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