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A girl who stars on a show called Hannah Montana on Disney (The only show that's actually good on Disney) She's hated by a lot because she's a successful teenager and she dated Nick Jonas.

She's been in scandals such as the Vanity Fair picture which isn't even bad at all, people are just jealous of her and like to jump to conclusions to ruin her. Her phone has been hacked into and had pictures exploited everywhere which weren't even that bad either. Do people realize that 14 year olds nowadays take worse pictures than that? Selena Gomez probably has pictures of the inside of her vagina on her phone but nobody cares enough about her to hack her phone.
Person A: OMG I hate Miley Cyrus so much!
Person B: Why? Because she's famous, dated a Jonas Brother, and can stand in the spot light again after someone tries to publicly humiliate her?
by idonthaveanameee February 16, 2009

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