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2 definitions by idon'tknow1111

when a world is already defined on urban dictionary, and people decide to write another definition, exactly the same as the first time, for no apparent reason
(person 1) im bored, i'll define a random word on urban dictionary.

(person 2) why are there over 100 definitions for justin bieber? They're all useless definitions, we all know he sucks anyway
by idon'tknow1111 July 12, 2010
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When your computer is really messed up, the Blue Screen of Death tells you.

On the BSoD it shows the reason why your computer stopped, generally, you have no idea what it means.

Some BSoD reasons include:

Page_Fault_In_Nonpaged_Area (whatever that means)
Mult_IRP_Complete_Requests (???)
Memory_Management (that sounds bad...)
also some .exe files cause the BSoD

your computer could be ok, or it could be dead, good luck
the default background for windows is blue for a reason, dam blue screen of death
by idon'tknow1111 July 09, 2010
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