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basically they depress emo people... Emo doesnt rili care but deep down inside they hate you for stealing their styles...


emo - listens to music that relates to their life

scene kids - listens to unpopular music (which is now popular cause scene kids are growing)
scene kid - hav u heard this band pale kids?! they are so like cool

emo- yes i listen to them, they define my personality

scene kids- i just like it! people dont noe it!.. OMG im soo original!..

emo- *walks away*
by idntcareifudntcare October 13, 2006
you know what.. scene kids depress emo ppl.. poeple mix them together.. they shouldnt! it hurts emo ppl u know ...
person (to emo kid) : hey wna go to this concert its going to be fun! we can like dance , drink and have fun!..

emo: *in her head* y is she talkin to me? i dont feel like going cant she see that? ill just ignore her and maybe shell go away.. *in her head* *walks away*..

person: hello?? .....*in her head* wats wrong with her sheesh *in her head*

scene kid : Ill go!

by idntcareifudntcare October 13, 2006

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