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A person that acts like an ass when drinking. They get loud, obnoxious, crude, and sometimes disrespectful.
"Dude, quit yelling, stop calling the bartender boobs mcgee and leave her a freaking tip this time you sauce donkey."
by icstars2182 April 12, 2010
When someone announces an "Epic Win" or "Epic Fail" that ends up being uninteresting, off subject, meaning-less or a let down. When you get excited to find out what the epic was, and are dissapointed so much you "ugh" out loud.
Bob: "Man! Epic fail today!!".... Harry: "omg dude, what happened?!!".....Bob: "I forgot to return that movie tonight on my way home!"....Harry: ".....ugh...(rolls eyes)" Epic Ugh.
by icstars2182 April 10, 2010
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