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The smartest people god ever put on this earth.Born to drink ouzo and eat lots of food. Have the best looking women, and can cook better than any other culture or race. Born to despise and hate any piece of skata from the country of Turkey. All around, the best people to ever exist.
A greek is a person is someone who is able to say their people, present and past, are gods most perfect creations.
by Iannis November 25, 2005
1) Sanskrit script circa 2,000 B.C. for "back entry", although double meaning stands for "homosexual."
2) Incan god of crusted vaginas, and various bodily secretions. Worshipped still by small tribes dwelling in middle and southern South American countries.
1) asco
2) ecchi
by iannis November 30, 2003
The act of viewing, linking, masturbating, or having sexual intercourse with women in the age bracket 80-100.
A: "Hey, look at THIS!"
B: "I hope you die, you sick fuck."

A: "Hey, what was the link to ASCO?"
B: "Here."
A: "Thx" *prints out to masturbate to while in the shower.*
by iannis November 30, 2003
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