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3 definitions by iamdehpwnx4r

The appropriate exclamation to use after a colored person or persons has stolen your bicycle.
(Colored gentleman takes the bicycle out of the white gentleman's hands)
White gentleman: Nigga Stole My Bike!
Colored gentleman: So long, old chap!
by iamdehpwnx4r November 12, 2007
When you've had a hard day and you just think to yourself, "Damn, I need some meatballs.".
(Will is pooped on by a bird)
Will: Damn, I need some meatballs.
by iamdehpwnx4r November 11, 2007
Also: noobinate; noobinated

The act of being turned into a noob from lack of pwnination.
L337H4XX0R: 0h n0, I'm a victim of noobination! Dammit!!
3V1LH4XX0R: I am de pwnxor
by iamdehpwnx4r November 11, 2007