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An all-girls "Catholic" 6-12 school situated in Potomac, Md, exactly 14 miles outside of Washington,DC. Despite traffic jams, oversleeping, late carpools, accidents on the beltway, and staying at home to write a paper due later that day, HC girls eventually show up on campus to bond over food, frees, and fake tans. Students are both Tiffanified and pear/ribbon belt wearing sluts, and artsy Hot Topic wearing, dyed haired rock chicks; despite "differences," everyone ends up as good friends by senior year. As far as reputations go- all girl schools are breeding grounds for sluts... HC girls are therefore no strangers to weekend bedroom excursions with Prep, Zaga, and Heights guys.
HC girl 1: OMG, so Mary Margaret hooked up with Pat M and Pat K at Katie's house...
HC girl 2: Um, why do you care, I hooked up with him at the mixer, and then he hooked up with some Visi girl...
HC girl 1: Yea, but I hooked up with him twice right after... and I want him to come to Holly Ball... ohhh let's go get pretzels from the receptionist!
HC girl 2: It's ok, we can ask Mike R and Mike T instead... oohhh no it's Sarah's birthday, she has cake! And then we can go get pretzels. Oh and can I borrow your Bible, I lost mine or something.

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