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West Warwick ...home of the burn-outs. Here in the "West Side," we're over populated by white kids that think they're black and obese women that walk the streets of Artic barefoot with their tits hanging out. About 9% of people own their own homes. The weed is mainly shitty and overpriced and if you by some from drug-lord wannabe at the high school, you're guaranteed to be charged $25 for a gram of "dro"(a bud and a big ass stem of shwag in a little dime bag.) There's absolutely nothing to do here but drugs and steal shit from the Habeeb Marts spread throughout the town.

"Yeah fuckin there's nothin to fuckin do in West Warwick."
"Yo, let's go smoke a joint with Brandi and Stephanie."
"Hell yeah."
by i need a job August 15, 2006

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