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one of the BESTEST bands 2 EVER exist, they're made up of Alexander William Gaskarth(lead singer & guitarist),Zachary Steven Merrick (bassist & back up singer),Jack Bassam Barakat (guitarist & back up singer),& Robert Rian Dawnson (he goes by Rian,he is the drummer) !!! they have AMAZING songz,they're AMAZING in concert(i no this from personal experience),& they were signed by Hopeless records in i believe 2006 !!! their 5 albums are Three words to remember when dealing with the end,The Party Scene,Put up or Shut up,So Wrong It's Right,& Nothing Personal(in order from oldest 2 newest) !!! They're an amazing group full of talented,sexy,friendly guyz(:
Lindsey: who is the best band in the world?
Me: All Time Low for sure !!!
Lindsey: Really? I thought it was We The Kings.
*me smacking Lindsey*
Me: You are stupid,never say that again, All Time Low will forever be the BEST !!!

by i love All Time Low November 15, 2009

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