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pants that fall between the ankle and knee in length; essentially capri pants for men, made to sound more manly.
guy 1: dude, are you seriously wearing capri pants?
guy 2: psh, no, capris are for women. these are sawed-offs.
by i invented shizam August 11, 2010
The fake phone number you give out when you don't want to give your real one.
This douche wanted me to give him my digits, I didn't want to be completely rude and immediately crush his dreams, so I just gave him a fumber.
by i invented shizam July 17, 2010
a couple that looks so similar that they are often mistaken for brother and sister.
person 1: wow, your friends look so alike, are they twins or just brother and sister?
person 2: neither, they're just a brosis couple.

person 1: ew.

person 2: i know, right? narcissism much?
by i invented shizam September 12, 2010
a feminine emergency, often related to the vagina and its excretions.
boss: where have you been? your break was only thirty minutes but you've been gone for an hour!
employee: sorry...had to run to the store, i had a femergency.
by i invented shizam September 12, 2010
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