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HAHAHA this websit is the BEST!! I do go to Unionville and it seems like EVERYTHING I just saw is 100% TRUE! The freshman that come in want to be more slutty then the last bunch. But to everyone that says that your a "Unionville Girl" if you go shopping at, Hollister, Victorias Secret, Abercrombie, Forever 21, American Eagle, ect. excuse me, but I do believe the girls from Avon Grove and Kennett and a LOT of other schools ALSO shop there... are they all sluts also?...I dont think so. Just becuase you go shopping somewhere, that DOESNT make you a slut. I think all you people need to take a GOOD look at Unionville and the girls, not all of them wear thongs hanging out of there jeans. Yes, some do... but I dont think that they do it so guys look at them. I sure as hell dont! There are a LOT of people in Unionville who like to show off there money in cars and clothes, but you know what... one day mommy and daddy arent going to be there, and they will have to grow up, finally. I personally hate going to Unionville, I do wish that I went to a school where there are more then white people walking down the halls everyday. If you want to talk about one SLUT in Unionville how about you pull the name BROOKE out of a hat. I believe everyone knows who I'm talking about.
the school is full of fakes but also some REAL people... take a good look around before you start to judge us next time.
by i hate unionville January 13, 2005

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