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The Demokkkrats owned blacks as slaves and after the civil war kkkreated the kkk.
I am not an amerikkkan !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by i hate democrats August 31, 2006
one of the dumbest shows ever put on tv along with mtv(the reality show channel),will and grace,pee wee herman,drawn together and family guy
the daily show sucks and democrats suck,i'm a pissed off ex-democrat,not a republican so stuff that one up your fag ass
by i hate democrats August 31, 2006
full of fags and mexicans just like the rest of lame ass america
oregon was once awesome but queer evil liberal nazi homo fags totally ruined it
it's been bad here ever since we had that child molester governor who was jimmy carter's labor secretary
fuck this place
kill and eat the rich
by i hate democrats August 31, 2006
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