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the northern Texas, Alberta is the ugliest place on the globe. It's just a bunch of stuck up racist hicks who think going to the beach means going down to the swamp to shoot animals. Albertans can't drive for shit, I should know one hit my with their car. When I first moved to Alberta (against my will) I couldn't breath because there is no oxygen in the mofoing air, its all gas and fuck knows what else. I hope Alberta gets bombed, I HATE IT HERE, and I hate everyone that live here. Albertans are sexist and racist to the extreme, they are the most narrow minded people EVER. Everyone that had to move to Alberta, for some reason, hates it. It always cold here. Its March right now and you cant even go outside without your lungs freezing.
Nova Scotia is the best place on earth.
Alberta is hicksville.
#frozen #hicks #wasteland #gross #pigs #racist #albertans #stupid #ugly #cold #freezing #fucked #hillbillys #texas #sexist #fuckers
by i hate alberta March 30, 2008
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