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A person who makes up ridiculous stories that are obviously bullshit, but insists they are the truth.
Guy 1: "I drive to school every day even though I haven't passed my driving test, I also went on the motorway and did 80 mph."

Guy 2: "No you didn't, fucking Mookesh."
by i am moin February 24, 2010
Various meanings:

1) To do or say something ridiculously stupid.
2) To sleep on a pillow that has actual shit inside it as a substitute for feathers and catch pinkeye as a result.
3) To complete sexual favours for your stepdad.
4) To be so fat that you have to have extra wide doors fitted in your house.
Example of number 1

Mum "Where did you come in the race son?"

Kid "I came 1th mum!"

Example of number 3

Stepdad "Come here kid I've got some smegma on my penis that you need to come and lick off."

Kid "Not again, I feel like such a dawson"
by i am moin February 24, 2010

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