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The arabesque chicken can be found in the wilds of Lincroft, New Jersey and has often been known to begin dancing when startled. Although quite large for a chicken it is quite graceful in its mannerisms. Prone to asking questions of strangers the arabesque chicken has been known to have fur on its face which some scientists speculate is a beard. Other scientist believe this is a parasitic fungal infection which has beard like qualities. Although the arabesque chicken is a rare creature it is well liked by others and is one of the nicer species of chicken. The arabesque chicken is a stealth predator it sneaks up behind its prey and hugs it until the creature is unable to resist any longer.
The arabesque chicken was spotted near the back door of my house the other day. I could tell it was startled because it began dancing around and asking what if, why, and what about this. Then it began its sneak attack on my friend who was caught in its grip unawares. My friend is still in the hospital he is lucky to have survived.
by i am da PROCRASTINATOR January 10, 2011

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